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My mission is simple: To guide high performing wellness business owners to get clarity, direction to stay focused, so they can serve with passion and sustained purpose.

To support 10,000 high performing wellness business owners by the end of 2020 all over the world to creating and having success businesses by creating a 1 year business plan with cash-flow projection so they can action immediately. The most common reasons small wellness businesses fail include a lack of capital or funding, retaining an inadequate management team, a faulty infrastructure or business plan, and unsuccessful marketing initiatives.

I want to share a easy step by step spiritual business process that really works.


Awakening your Your Avatar (Ideal Client) at a 5D frequency 852 Hz has never been so easy....


Awakening the BROW CHAKRA – Life force of the expressed spirit. The divine being is normally a representation of your higher self. On your life journey you would have had some highs and lows to make you the person you are today. Being a wellness business owner you are now assisting and guiding people on where you have come from and this is normally your ideal client. These are the clients you will enjoy supporting the most. Creating your ideal client can be hard, But! it doesn't need to be. A the Wellness Business Academy we have made awakening your Avatar really easy in this 90 minute session you will come out knowing exactly who your Avatar is and Kelly will be giving away heaps of value that comes with it.


So we looking forward to guiding you and taking you on a spiritual business journey like no other. 


See you on the webinar.

To POWER boot the launch of my business guide workbook called YOUR ULTIMATE WELLNESS BUSINESS GUIDE I am putting together 4 X workshops over 4 weeks so all high performing wellness business owners can create their Connection statement in week 1, their Unique Operating Systems in week 2, their Promotional Designer in week 3 and Online Storage Platforms in week 4. You will get High Performing Heart Based Mentoring that is right for you. So what are you waiting for? Click to join us today, your future self will thank you.

Aligning your Business


Business wisdom is not one experience, nor a series of ideas or knowledge to be collected in isolation. It is an ongoing process of discovery that unfolds when we are balanced and have full awareness in each moment of our business journey. It vibrates out of our sincerity and genuine openness, and it can lead us to a whole new world of freedom through having a strong business that produces great results for the input of our time and effort.

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