I guide high performing wellness business owners to align themselves and their business through my 13 chapters, 13 chakra systems and 13 mantras to achieve their highest purpose, for them, and their business: this is all carried out through my interactive workbook, workshops, retreats, and online programs

What I

stand for

My mission is simple: to guide high performing wellness business owners to get clarity, direction to stay focused, so they can serve with passion and sustained purpose.

To support critical mass around the world with high performing wellness business owners all over the world to creating and having successful businesses by creating a one-year business plan with cash-flow projection that they can action immediately. The most common reasons small wellness businesses fail include a lack of capital or funding, retaining an inadequate management team, a faulty infrastructure or business plan, and unsuccessful marketing initiatives.

I want to share an easy step by step spiritual business process that really works.

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Aligning your Business


Business wisdom is not one experience, nor a series of ideas or knowledge to be collected in isolation. It is an ongoing process of discovery that unfolds when we are balanced and have full awareness in each moment of our business journey. It vibrates out of our sincerity and genuine openness, and it can lead us to a whole new world of freedom through having a strong business that produces great results for the input of our time and effort.


A World first in bringing Spirituality and Business together.

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Kelly is a World Leading Wellness Business Specialist. Kelly is an International Multi Award Winning Woman in Business | Global Film Producer | Serial Entrepreneur | Author 

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Kelly has been globally recognised in business with 3 separate awards, Female Executive of the Year 2017, Business Woman of the Year 2017 and Organisation of the Year 2017, presented to her in New York City at the Stevie International Business Woman’s Awards.


Kelly is an inspirational speaker and a transformational business specialist, delivering individual and group sessions, customised programs and education to small business in the wellness industry.


“Give a person a fish, and you feed them for a day. Teach a person to fish, and you feed them for a lifetime” ……


This is what drives Kelly and it is what all her teaching is about. Empowering you to survive in business today, but more importantly thrive in business.


Beyond your technical qualifications and certifications, you need business training and monitoring to really thrive - that is why the Wellness Business Academy  exists, it is what we live for.


Kelly’s mission is to guide high performing wellness business owners to get clarity, direction to stay focused, so they can serve with passion and sustained purpose.


For over 20 years she has been involved in the Wellness Industry.  Kelly now focuses her passion and enthusiasm on helping wellness practitioners build better businesses and raise the vibration of their businesses.


Kelly is sick to death of watching high performing wellness business owners struggle in business because they do not having a business plan.


Kelly is out to fix this about the wellness industry by making business fun, creative and vibrant.  Raising the frequency of a Wellness Business Owner's view of business and showing them how to maximise their potential to shine their light is most important to her.


Kelly's goal is for all high performing wellness business owners to be in abundance in all aspects of their lives, be free to travel the world, to learn and grow, while building a business that lights them up, instead of starving them of cash and time.


Kelly is putting herself out there to make serious changes, and she means business.


What frequency is your business vibrating at?

Wellnesspreneurs | Coaches | Peak Performers | World Leaders | Entrepreneurs 

Wellness Business Academy is for holistic socially conscious peak performers and wellness business professionals who are ready to rise up to the next level purpose whilst increasing their impact and income with ease:


  1. Whether you’re a world leader or serial entrepreneur who's built a legacy, but you know you have a bigger mission looming, and you want guidance to get clarity, direction and laser focus to raise your vibration...

  2. Or if you’re just getting started trying to figure out what your purpose and your business idea actually is, What Frequency Is Your Business Vibrating At? is the program for you because it will help you clarify your Blueprint to Business Success.

  3. Or if you’ve been in business for a while trying to grow your wellness business, sorta kinda on purpose, but not getting the big growth or the big impact you want.


   4. Wellness Business Academy is definitely for you and it’s going to help you put all the everything that has been floating around your heart into action immediately. 

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Tarek Bliss Bibi

  • Tarek Bliss Bibi

Kelly is awesome, she supported me in adding more creative products and services to my business in our 1 on 1 BizChat.


Book your chat today!

Deb  Norman

  • Tarek Bliss Bibi

💥💐My whole understanding of Business has completely changed. I cannot find the words to express how amazing 🍀 Kelly is in business and how the small changes she has made with the behind the scenes aspects have totally changed my business and how it flows.💥

If you are just starting and need help to set up correctly, You must have a chat with Kelly.


Book your chat today!

Brenda Steel

I cannot thank you enough Kelly,

Thank you for seeing me

Thank you for feeling me

Thank you for  believing in me

Thank you for showing me a better way

Thank you for empowering me to be the best version of myself

Thank you and all you are Kelly!



  • Brenda Steel

Kylie Stretton

I highly recommend the business planning program to anyone that is in start-up in their business. I have just competed What Frequency is your Business Vibrating at business planning book and mantra's and it has given me clarity and direction in my business, I am extremely grateful to Kelly BizQueen for guiding me on this process.

Anyone needing guidence for their business this program is a must.

  • Kylie Stretton

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