You're invited to attend our 2 Day Kick Arse intense Business program for Holistic Leaders ready for a BIG  2020. This is a 1 on 1 session that will give you 20 full on hours with Kelly BizQueen if you need them all.


Are you lacking clarity, direction and focus in your business? Perhaps you are facing challengers in your business and are not sure what your next step is to take? "Does this sound like you?"


I guide Holistic Wellness Business Leader to create a solid platform for their business that give them clarity, direction and focus to raise their business vibration to live their passion. 

My guidence program:


1 year Business Plan

  • Step 1 | Awakening your Structure
  • Step 2 | Awakening your Connection to SWOT
  • Step 3 | Awakening your Creative Visions
  • Step 4 | Awakening to your Creative Mission
  • Step 5 | Awakening your Values
  • Step 6 | Awakening your Strategies
  • Step 7 | Awakening your Objectives
  • Step 8 | Awakening your Avatar/Ideal Client
  • Step 9 | Awakening your Programs/Products
  • Step 10 | Awakening your Pricing
  • Step 11 | Awakening your Philosophy
  • Step 12 | Awakening to your Story/Bio
  • Step 13 | Awakening your Operation



Research and Development Department processors

Keynote Speaking Department  processors

Events Department - Business to Consumer (B2C) processors

Administration Department Checklist

Marketing Division Checklist

Webinars Checlist

Online Programs Checklist

Strategic Partners Checlist

Free Promotional Events Checklist

Social Media Checklist

Public Relations (PR)Checlist

Processes and Systems Checklist

Start-up Process Checklist

Expert Process Checklist

Financial Division



  • A reachable and achievable 1 year year Cashflow Forecast
  • Branding consistency - knowledge
  • Clarity in your business message - 60 second Pitch
  • A heart centred program which clears the blockages in your mind and business.


You will get Clarity ~ Direction ~ to stay Focused


Here is a Testimonial from a recent change maker:


"Wellness Business Academy is the best holistic business program I have ever done and I have done many. It’s the best thing I could have ever done for my business. I had no direction, no clarity, had no idea what I was meant to be doing and I had lost all of my passion for my business after not getting anywhere in 10 years and forgetting why I started my business in the first place. I had no foundation so my business was very rocky and I could not build a successful and sustainable business without a foundation. Wellness Business Academy has given me a very strong foundation that my business needs to grow and be successful. They also gave me my passion back into my business, direction, clarity and now I know what I am meant to be doing. This truly is the best thing you could do for your business."

Kylie Stretton - Special Needs Supermums TV


By working with me you will create a return on your investment in time and money that is only limited by the amount of effort and desire you put in. You will know more about your business than ever before.


Provided for you:


  • Meals - Morning tea | Lunch | afternoon tea  - If you have dietary requirements please let us know.
  • Kick Arse Business Program
  • Tip and Trick for business


To make you more comfortable you can bring these at your own discression:


  • Laptop - definiately bring your laptop
  • Crystals | Oils | Sage 
  • Pens
  • Note pad
  • Cushion\s

and anything else that would support your heart-based space over the 2 day retreats with 3 months support. 


If you are taking medication please let Kelly BizQueen in a private message.


I look forward to guiding you from passion to Power...


Unleash Your HigherSelf

Kelly x


2 Day Intense Kick Arse 5D Biz-ness Alignment