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This workbook is very interactive and will give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in yourself. Teaching you about your life path, with the aim to discover, through your own business experience what your life purpose means to your personal and professional development.


Most high performing wellness business owners that I speak to say that they are awesome at what they do they just have no business plan and do not really understand business so therefore don’t work on their business, just in it and mistake busyness as a sign of progress.


After you have finished the book and completed the 3-day Ultimate Wellness Business Alignment Retreat you will be the expert in your field of excellence, that you need to be to start (or grow) your wellness business.


So, here’s what I have done. I have put a spiritual twist on how to understand business. This unique method will guide you so that you have a better perspective on how to do business and have it streamlined so you can live your life’s purpose.


Business wisdom is not one experience, nor a series of ideas or knowledge to be collected in isolation. It is an ongoing process of discovery that unfolds when we are balanced and have full awareness in each moment of our business journey. It vibrates out of our sincerity and genuine openness, and it can lead us to a whole new world of freedom through having a strong business that produces great results for the input of our time and effort.


Most high performing wellness business owners are horrified to discover that kids at fast food resturants earn more than they do a week.


My goal is to guide all wellness practitioners around the world to a sustainable spiritual business model that is streamlined so they do not have to starve themselves in their business.


Business is quite simple, but like all things if you do not know what you don’t know then it is like a mine field.


Discover the simple business planning techniques that will give you the life that you have longed for.


Now I know for some of you this will be a little scary to start off with, but it always is when you start something new. So, I am going to share with you that your reward for breaking out of your comfort zone is going to be HUGE!


This wellness business planning book that I have written for you has been separated into spiritual definitions so that if you do not understand the business meaning then you will understand the spiritual meaning for the structure of your business.


We want to know everything there is to know, but sometimes we feel like it is written in another language, so I really hope that this gives you the clarity you need to step forward and up to the next level of vibration with your business.


On the next page, you will see there is a human figure with the chakra colours on it. The words that are written next to the chakra colour are the business steps we will be working through to grow your business. When you go onto the next page you will see that there is the spiritual definition of the business words that will help you get clear on what stage you are at and where you need to go next.



Signed Copy by Kelly Kingston when purchasing through the website.


So, without further ado, I now congratulate you on making the next big step in your life to start or grow your wellness business to the next level.


Now let’s raise the vibration of your business and get started.


Book in for a call with Kelly today:


I look forward to aligning with you on a call soon.


Unleash your higher self

Kelly x


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