You're invited to attend our 5 day SUPER CHARGE 5D BIZALIGNMENT for HIGH PERFORMING WELLNESS BUSINESS OWNERS ready to kick arse in their business. This is a 1 on 1 session that gives you 5  full days with Kelly. 


Are you lacking clarity, direction and focus in your business? Perhaps you are facing challengers in your business and are not sure what your next step is to take? "Does this sound like you?" 
 I guide Holistic Wellness 5D Business Leader to create a solid platform for their business that give them clarity, direction and focus to raise their business vibration to live their passion. 


My guidence program: 
 * A Kick Arse 1 year 5D Business Plan * A reachable and achievable 1 year year Cashflow Forecast * Branding consistency - knowledge * Clarity in your business message * Clear simple direction in your business * * Digital Marketing setup = Email address setup | Domain links | * Website * Logo if you need one * Email signature if you need one * Image and Graphic guidance * Video creation for promotions * Newsletter guidance * CRM knowledge * Invoicing guidance * Social media guidence * Business card designing * Flyer Designing * Task Management knowledge * Cloud storage guidance * Webinar guidance.

A heart centred 5D system which clears the blockages in your mind and your business bringing you and your business into total alignement, raising your frquency of you and your business to very high vibrations.


Here is a Testimonial from a recent change maker:


By working with me you will create a return on your investment in time and money that is only limited by the amount of effort and desire you put in. You will know more about your business than ever before. 


Provided for you: 
 * Four (4) nights accomodation * Meals - breakfast | morning tea | Lunch | afternoon tea | Dinner - If you have dietary requirements please let us know. * SUPER KICKARSE 5D BIZALIGNMENT * Tip and Trick for business.


What you need to bring: 

* Laptop * Crystals | Oils | Sage - optional * Pens * Note pad * Cushion\s - optional and anything else that would support your heart-based space over the 4 day weekend.  



12 months support 

* 2 x 1 hour call a week for 2 months then changed to 1 x 1 hour call for 10 months *unlimited emails *untimited text *70%discount to all events - accomodation is not included only meals *Matermind-Facebook Group *Unlimited access to all webinars


Unleash your higher self

Kelly x