You're invited to attend our 3 day Wellness Business Retreat for high performing wellness business owners.  This luxury experience gets you ready to serve your clients with clarity, direction and focus.  We are looking for 20 serious high performing wellness business owners to join us over 3 days.  You will work on your business and be guided through YOUR ULTIMATE WELLNESS BUSINESS GUIDE for your Business Success and we will bring your business ALIVE! So get in quick and don't miss this amazing experience.


Dates are 15th - 17th May 2020


Six Solutions to a Successful Wellness Business:

  • A Kick Arse 1 year 5D Business Plan
  • A reachable and achievable 1 year year Cashflow Forecast
  • Branding consistency - knowledge
  • Clarity in your business message
  • Alignment in your business
  • A heart based business aligning your personal values and your business values.


48 hours after the retreat you will be sent a word doc template to type out your business and cashflow forecast, you will have 1 week to complete this task and I am your accountability partrner, on the 2 week after the retreat we will have an online webinar for all question and support in what ever area's you need more clarity on. Then another 2 more support calls for the following 2 weeks. 


If you would like to continue with me for my Operation and Administration Package you will have 5 days to upgrade this is for all the 5D Action Takers that want to get all the business processes in place so they can get back to what they really love to do in their business - Their Passion....


Provided for you:


  • Meals - morning tea | Lunch | afternoon tea - If you have dietary requirements please let us know.
  • Kick Arse 5D Business Action Plan for 1 year
  • Tip and Trick for business
  • Sunday afternoon - Introduction of your new Bio and Ideal  Client - Speakers Presentation


What you need to bring:


  • Laptop
  • Crystals | Oils | Sage 
  • Pens
  • Note pad
  • Cushion\s

and anything else that would support your heartbased space over the 3 day retreat. 


If you are taking medication please let Kelly BizQueen in a private message.



We look forward to awakening the passion from within you so that you can share your true you with your world.


Unleash your  Higher Self

Kelly Kingston x