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13 DAYS | 13 WEEKS 

Business Academy for Wholistic Wellness Practitioners



These online alignments gives you the opportunity to set up your Business right the first time or restructure your current business, you are someone stuck in startup in your Holistic Health and Wellness Business, we encourages businesses owners or people wanting to start their first holistic business, supporting them to develop the essential skills vital to build and operate a sustainable, substantial and successful business.

“If you think it, you can create it; nothing is stopping you other than you”…. Kelly BizQueen

Who Should Attend

You are a woman or man, sitting in a corporate J O B.

Hating every minute of it. Every day you go to work and lose another bit of your soul. Well, that is how it feels anyway. You have done your practitioner training, you've got your certificates but have done little else. Each day that goes by, you feel a sense of hopelessness. You feel trapped. Every Friday you ask yourself the same question.


When are you going to start your business?


How long do I have to wait to start living my dream of opening up my practitioner business?


Let’s be real. I'll tell you straight. I'm scared. I'm scared of failing, I'm scared of success. I'm scared that I don't know how to run a business.


I see all my practitioner friends from college still working, those that did go and start their business are failing and have lost all their super. They are not making ends meet and can't pay their bills. I know, I know I should be learning about business. But I'm not interested in business, I am interested in being a practitioner not a business person.

If only I could find a coach or a mentor of some sort that could relate to my spiritual beliefs to support me in my practitioner business. Someone who knows about the wellness industry and can help me understand business. 

Online Outline

NOTE:  This outline is for the full 13 Day Online Program and that the other options will be a longer version of this outline. This 13 Day online webinar will align you with your Practitioner Business, bringing together Spirituality and Business to provide you with all the education you need to build your business plan for your Practitioner Business. 



The program will introduce you, back to yourself, your core values and the underlying causes that has stopped you from living your passion and purpose as a holistic wellness practitioner.


As we rise through the 13 Chakra System to raise the frequency of your business that aligns with the 13 chapters of What Frequency is your Business Vibrating at? you will realise your true ahhhhhhar moment and the rest of the Spiritual and Business planning journey will be remarkable.


Step 1 | Awakening your Connection to SWOT| 341 Hz Earth Star Chakra

Step 2 | Awakening your Creative Vision | 396 Hz Base Chakra

Step 3 | Awakening your Creative Mission | 417 Hz Sacral Chakra

Step 4 | Awakening to your Values | 472 Hz Navel Chakra

Step 5 | Awakening your Strategies | 528 Hz Solar Plexus Chakra

Step 6 | Awakening your Objectives | 639 Hz Heart Chakra

Step 7 | Awakening your Structure | 741 Hz Throat Chakra

Step 8 | Awakening your Avatar | 852 Hz Brow Third Eye Chakra

Step 9 | Awakening your Programs | 907 Hz Causal Chakra

Step 10 | Awakening your Pricing | 928 Hz Crown Chakra

Step 11 | Awakening your Philosophy | 1018 Hz Soul Star Chakra

Step 12 | Awakening to your Story | 1073 Hz Stellar Star Chakra

Step 13 | Awakening your Operation | 1128 Hz Divine Gateway Chakra


13 Day Online Program (1 hour each day)

Normally $2,222.00 | for Business Academy for Practitioners per person

Design you own Payment Plan to suit your budget (direct debit)

Online Materials Provided including book

13 Week Online Program (1 hour each week)

Normally $2,222.00 | for Business Academy for Practitioners per person

Design you own Payment Plan to suit your budget (direct debit)

Online Materials Provided including book

3 Month Business Mentoring Program 

$3,333.00 | for Business Academy for Practitioners per person

Design you own Payment Plan to suit your budget (direct debit)

Online Materials Provided 3 x online webinars face to face, unlimited email, 4 x calls each week

To Book your

Alignment Workshop


Contact Kelly BizQueen on email to discuss your requirements and to check availability in your area.

Group Discounts available with 10 people or more. 

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